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CTT exhibition feels the charm of Zoomlion

Guide: from June 1 to 5, the 11th CTT exhibition was grandly held in crucus City, the largest exhibition center in Russia. The sun shines brightly in Moscow, and the colored flags of Crocus city are fluttering. Zoomlion and CIFA made a high-profile appearance in this exhibition. CIFA orange, Zoomlion dark blue

from June 1 to 5, the 11th CTT exhibition was grandly held in the largest exhibition center in Russia, crocus city

Moscow is sunny, and the simple and easy-to-use software of Crocus city color can improve the user's operation experience. Zoomlion and CIFA made a high-profile appearance in this exhibition. CIFA's orange and Zoomlion's dark blue constitute the main colors of the Zoomlion exhibition hall, which are particularly eye-catching. As the shadow of the Russian economic crisis slowly dissipates, the customer flow of this exhibition is also significantly higher than that of last year. Since the opening day on June 1, all kinds of customers from all over Russia and other CIS countries have been coming to the Zhonglian exhibition hall in an endless stream

there are two main highlights of this exhibition: first, "one booth, two brands", which is to clarify one concept. Zoomlion will participate in the joint exhibition in Russia and CIFA for the first time; Second, in the context of the financial crisis, it provides Russian customers with the sales mode of financial leasing to purchase Zoomlion and CIFA equipment

at this exhibition, Zoomlion exhibited six sets of exhibits: one ZD bulldozer; One concrete towing pump; T main parameters are shown in table 2c6517a tower crane standard section and one cab respectively; One CIFA brand pump truck and one trailer pump. The spot sales of all exhibits, together with the financial leasing services provided by Zoomlion Russia subsidiary, have attracted the attention of many new and old customers and enhanced their purchase confidence

it is worth mentioning that the bulldozer displayed in this exhibition is one of the four bulldozers imported by the subsidiary of Zoomlion Russia this year, and it is also the first time that Zoomlion earth moving machinery products have entered the Russian market. Superior product performance and good product quality make it popular in the Russian market. Two ZDS were purchased by customers who need to save screws through financial leasing a few days before the launch

ctt exhibition is the most famous construction machinery and equipment exhibition in Russia and even the CIS region. Zoomlion has participated in it for six consecutive years since it first participated in the exhibition in 2005. Especially in 2009 and this year, under the influence of the economic crisis, some foreign enterprises, even Russian local enterprises, gave up participating in the exhibition in order to save costs. However, Zoomlion has always insisted on participating in the exhibition, making its brand image increasingly stable in the customer base of Russia and CIS. I believe that persistent cultivation will reap rich fruits; The good foundation laid by long-term brand publicity and market expansion will become a sharp sword for us to win the market after the recovery of the Russian market

Zoomlion participated in CTT

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