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How to use automatic screw locking machine

auto screw driving machine, also known as automatic screw feeding machine, is an excellent insulation material wire machine, automatic screw feeding machine, industrial tightening system, screw locking robot, etc. it is used to replace the traditional manual screw tightening machine with low viscosity of PVC SG (7) or PVC SG (8). Manual screw tightening includes pure manual tightening and electric screwdriver or pneumatic screwdriver tightening. The latter generates rotating power by electric or pneumatic means to replace frequent manual tightening actions, which reduces the working intensity of locking screws to some extent. However, manual placement of screws and alignment of screw heads still require a lot of working time and energy, so the overall efficiency improvement is relatively limited

how to use the automatic screw locking machine

the use of the automatic screw locking machine is relatively simple. However, the machines produced by different manufacturers are relatively different, but in general, there are still many similarities. Here is an example of the automatic screw locking machine produced by Yicheng automation:

1 Check the energization of ventilation, and turn on the power switch and ventilation valve

2. Program and control according to different products when the test run is good, and check the driving stroke of all parts

3 Put in the materials and jog or inch them one by one, so as to check the accuracy of all work and the position of the journey,

4 Start up and test run, and check the effect and quality of finished products But after everything becomes stable, you can rest assured to use it for production

5. Conduct regular quality inspection and performance judgment

automatic screw locking machine product features:

1, combined with high-performance electric or high-performance pneumatic driver, automatic feeding control system and high-precision screw claw head

2. The screw claw head can be designed according to different screw shapes, which can solve more than 99% of the uneven locking environment

3. Meet the needs of humanized nano powder metallurgy materials, such as screw locking and positioning, sliding teeth, floating, missing lock detection, etc

4. Electric or pneumatic driver can be selected for locking, and 2 to 10 screws can be locked at the same time

5. Safe and perfect after-sales service for automatic feeding, automatic locking and manual control operation

6. Automatic feeding control + precision locking claw head + multi axis simultaneous locking + screw high-efficiency locking is the best

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