India's most popular anti-dumping of aniline again

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India's anti-dumping of aniline against China is "groundless"

India recently announced that India's domestic industries will apply to the anti dumping Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce and industry of India for the approval of products originating in China, the European Union and the United States, including tensile strength testing machines, universal material testing machines, vulcanizers, shoe leather, rubber tires, high molecular/plastic, paper packaging, electrical equipment, furniture/office desks and chairs, textiles, sports equipment Aniline, a quality testing instrument used in concrete and other industries, launched an anti-dumping investigation. He also said that the anti dumping Bureau was reviewing the application and expected to formally file a case for investigation soon

Nanjing chemical industry, the only enterprise involved in the case in China, said that India's anti-dumping investigation against Nanhua was confusing. According to reports, Nanhua has not exported aniline products to India since this year. Even in 2008, the annual amount of aniline exported to India was only about 100 tons, which was not enough to lift the four curvature market institutions in India and destroy three theft and criminal gangs into dumping behavior

it is understood that at present, there are many methods of anodizing aluminum alloys, and the Nanhua side takes a cold treatment to the upcoming possible anti-dumping investigation and waits for its change

it is also reported that the new 100000 ton aniline plant in Nanhua is expected to be put into operation at the beginning of next year. At present, the equipment has been purchased and will be installed in October

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