Achieving zero emission in pulping and papermaking

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Li Longsong: pulping and papermaking to achieve "zero emissions"

this is a genuine invention of Chinese farmers. This is a genuine Chinese farmer inventor. The new technology of papermaking without sewage discharge, according to the novelty search report of the science and technology novelty search center of Zhejiang Academy of science and technology information, a national first-class science and technology novelty search institution, this project is the first system developed at home and abroad that can reuse mud (i.e. short fiber) and sewage after completely closed treatment. The system can realize zero discharge of sewage, with a pulp recovery rate of 100% and a water saving rate of 95%. It is a leading environmental protection innovative process at home and abroad for energy conservation and emission reduction

the inventor of this process is Li Longsong, a farmer inventor who came out of the farmhouse in Lutian village, Oubei Town, Yongjia County, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, on the Bank of the beautiful Nanxi River. Li Longsong, who has been struggling for more than 10 years for pollution control and emission reduction and created the miracle of zero discharge of sewage, is still running around to promote his zero discharge

turn waste into treasure and entangle waste plastics

the hundred mile Nanxi River where Li Longsong and his villagers lived for their ancestors, with clear water and beautiful mountains, and ancient Yanqi village, is a national scenic spot. In the spring of 1993, after a heavy rain, when he took a walk by the Nanxi River as usual and saw piles of waste plastics with different colors rolling in the river, his heart suddenly shook: is this the Nanxi River that people praise in their hearts? Li Long relaxed and thought: if these discarded plastic papers are used all over the river and the ground, can we not fundamentally eliminate this serious white pollution

since then, Li Longsong has embarked on the road of environmental protection research and started to carry out research on the comprehensive utilization of plastic waste. After a period of repeated tests, the product development of reducing plastic to oil was finally achieved. However, in the pilot production, due to the low profit of plastic refining and little promotion value, it had to give up. Li Longsong was not discouraged. He decisively turned to the research of waste plastic granulation, that is, the waste plastic was treated and granulated, reduced to raw materials and reused

after the success of his invention, due to its simple production process, low investment, smooth sales and good economic benefits, it was soon imitated, and granulation manufacturers boomed, and raw materials (waste plastics) were in short supply. Although Li Longsong's own factory was facing difficulties due to lack of raw materials, he was happy to withdraw from the competition and find another way when he saw that the waste plastics in urban and rural areas had been greatly reduced due to the acquisition

zero discharge of pulp and paper

when Li Longsong inspected the new project along the Nanxi River after the conversion of production, he found that there were many paper mills built by the river, discharging a large amount of production sewage into the river, which surprised him! At this time, someone asked him to partner in the production of red board paper. The papermaking process is not difficult for Li Longsong, but how to solve the pollution problem. He knows that the production of a ton of paper requires more than 200 tons of sewage, and the environmental cost is considerable. He made up his mind to solve the problem of sewage discharge

for a long time, there has been an endless debate about whether pulping and papermaking can achieve zero discharge in China. Many experts and scholars in the papermaking industry and scientific research departments have made unremitting exploration in order to achieve zero discharge of papermaking production sewage. And when thousands of paper mills, large and small, were sighing at the pollution because they could not meet the standards of pollution control and emission reduction, this unknown farmer inventor claimed to be able to achieve zero sewage discharge! Isn't this a miracle

in the late 1950s, Li Longsong once worked as a worker in Wenzhou Haitan chemical plant for three years. He was eager to learn and make progress. At that time, he had read a lot of books on chemical industry. It was unexpected that today, decades later, after review and study, he came into use. On the basis of consulting a large number of literature, Li Longsong finally developed a new adhesive, which is a flocculant that modifies the original formula. The flocculation effect is good. After 15 years, the pulp and water of paper are completely separated, so that the sewage can be directly recycled

then Li Longsong also improved the traditional process equipment, changed the original blanket conveyor belt to nylon, and changed the position of the paper machine to the lower part of the headbox

at the beginning of 2003, Li Longsong's new process finally achieved little success. It not only had no sewage discharge, but also saved 80% of coal and 95% of water, and the profit increased several times. Later, after repeated improvement of the process flow, it was continuously improved, and the promotion of zero emission was successful in Limin paper mill and Longxiang paper mill in this region

no drop of sewage was found to be discharged

Xinda paper mill, Qingyuan County, Baoding City, Hebei Province, is a small paper mill that uses waste cardboard as raw material to produce packaging cardboard. Due to the long-term failure of production sewage to meet the standard, they are often fined. At the same time, due to the high cost of traditional papermaking wastewater treatment, the enterprise has been in the dilemma of low profit or no profit or even loss for a long time. Introduced by Du Jinmei, Secretary General of Hebei society of Environmental Sciences, on October 2, 2006, the factory invited Li Longsong, who has the patent of the new process of pulp and paper making with zero discharge, to inspect the papermaking sewage treatment equipment of the factory. He believed that the factory fully met the conditions of zero discharge transformation. With the support of the County Environmental Protection Bureau, the plant applied to the County Environmental Protection Bureau for the inevitable production of some dust in the experimental process. After the approval, the original sewage treatment facilities were reconstructed from the beginning of October, and the reconstruction was completed on November 15. Since then, the papermaking wastewater produced by the plant, without biochemical treatment, not only does not change black, odor and deterioration, but also realizes direct recycling and reuse, achieving the goal of zero discharge

then, what are the economic benefits of using a power battery with a specific energy of more than 300 watt hours/kg? The author puts forward the most important issues for manufacturers

the benefit is obvious! In Xinda paper mill, one of the model factories for the promotion of zero emission patents, chairman Zhan Zhijiang happily calculated the detailed account for us. The packaging cardboard produced by our factory now has a good market because the paper is hard and smooth, and the supply exceeds the demand. Papermaking is the enterprise with the largest water consumption. In the past, we used a 4-inch pump to pump water 24 hours a day and night. How much water should we consume? The electricity charge for a moonlight is threeorfour yuan; Now 30 tons of circulating water are used repeatedly every day, and the electricity charge is only about 100 yuan a month, which is really water and electricity saving; In the past, not only how much fresh water was wasted, but also a large amount of sewage was discharged underground. In this way, a factory of our size will increase production by more than 5.7 million yuan a year and increase profits by more than 500000 yuan

then, can your factory achieve zero emissions from beginning to end

why not! Since our factory adopted Lao Li's new zero discharge process, the municipal and County Environmental Protection Bureau has verified whether the sewage is zero discharge and whether it is secretly discharged after our factory adopted the new papermaking process? Two groups of people came to our factory for temporary surprise inspection twice, and they confirmed that we had removed the drainage pipes inside and outside the factory, blocked the sewage outlets of production wastewater, and found no sewage discharged outside. We have really achieved production income increase and environmental protection standards! When the factory director said this, his joy was written on his face

promote the zero emission patent of lilongsong independently, voluntarily and at their own expense. Since it was published on January 5, 2005, some people's flattery, good news letters and various temptations have come one after another. A few days ago, he was sincerely invited to participate in another national science and technology award, but he was asked to pay a conference fee of 3600 yuan in advance, so Lao Li was naturally not fooled; An investment company in the United States recently invited him to go abroad for a high salary. Lao Li was still not interested and was laughed off by him: these things are boring, boring

Li Longsong promoted zero emissions independently, voluntarily and at his own expense. He also encountered many obstacles and setbacks. The villagers were very indignant for him, saying: Lao Li created a new one, but it hurt his heart! He himself has great feelings: it is difficult to invent, and it is more difficult to promote

first, identity. Li Longsong is an unknown farmer without a professional title or education. Many people think that a farmer who deals with Tu Geda can make such a profound invention? Don't be fooled by him! Therefore, there is a preconceived sense of exclusion. Li Longsong went to see a total man hour of the environmental protection department of a city, and was interrogated: how can you, a farmer, come to my office

the second is the problem of funds. Li Longsong did scientific research at his own expense, which cost a lot of money. For several years, in order to study zero emissions, he has invested all his family's savings. A large amount of funds such as technical transformation, identification, publicity, public relations, transportation costs, etc. needed to promote this patent cannot be found. In this way, there is a vicious circle on the issue of funds: one factory pays for one promotion; The more money you lose, the less ability you have to promote it

the third is the concept. The success of every invention is the reform of a certain production process, the negation of the old process, the impact on traditional ideas, and a revolution of old and new, which is bound to be denied and opposed by conservative forces. Zero emission also encountered this resistance in the promotion

fourth, some manufacturers are ready for success. When Li Longsong promoted zero emission in some small paper mills, in order to save money again and again, some manufacturers often did not prescribe the ingredients according to the new process, but always had to give some discounts, which would inevitably affect the effect of the new process; Some manufacturers, after achieving certain results, are satisfied with themselves and are no longer willing to invest in new technological transformation. This is also the most distressing thing for Li Longsong

fifth, there is the problem that only books are superior, not reality. This is the most important reason why the promotion of zero emissions has been frustrated. Because zero emission is an innovative thing, of course, it is difficult to find the basis of provisions in the red headed documents above. Therefore, some environmental protection officials have put a red light on zero emission. Some environmental protection officials in Baoding said: we should be bold and allow trials in order to break a path of pollution control and emission reduction

Li Longsong has been defeated and defeated repeatedly. He is determined to break out of those strange circles and realize his environmental protection dream of zero emissions

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Li Longsong

from Yongjia County, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. Over the years, he has been engaged in product development, and a number of patents have been published. He has become a well-known farmer inventor

on January 5, 2005, his patent for the new process of papermaking without sewage discharge (also known as the new process of papermaking without sewage discharge) was published, and the patent number is: 8. Publication number: [11] c.n560358a. The novelty search report of the science and technology novelty search center of Zhejiang Academy of science and technology information, a national first-class science and technology novelty search institution, shows that this project is the first system developed at home and abroad so far that mud (i.e. short fiber) and sewage can be reused after completely enclosed treatment. The system can realize zero discharge of sewage. What we need to pay attention to here is that the recovery rate of aligned standard thread pulp is 100%, and the water saving rate is 95%. It is a leading environmental protection innovative process at home and abroad for energy conservation and emission reduction

for a long time, there has been a debate about whether pulping and papermaking can achieve zero discharge in China. Many experts and scholars in the papermaking industry and scientific research departments, in order to achieve zero discharge of papermaking production sewage &rdq

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