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Indian newspaper advertising printing market boosts morale

the birth of digital printing has opened up a new market for the printing industry, but the profit and income of printing advertising prove to people that the future of traditional printing in India is still bright. At present, in India, print advertising accounts for about 46% of the advertising market. Data shows that in 2010, newspaper advertisements captured 96% of the market share of print advertisements, and the rest of the market share was collected by magazines

many newspapers in India can produce 3D or use lithium manganate batteries in logistics vehicles actively to help customers improve the sustainability of products. The reason why fragrance newspapers perform so well is mainly because they are actively developing innovative advertising forms. Take Volkswagen as an example. On August 29, the company launched a new Jetta car. The times of India specially designed different versions of 3D newspapers to cooperate with the company's publicity work

it is understood that English newspapers have 9% readers in India, but their advertising share has reached 50%. Of course, innovation is not the privilege of English newspapers. Many local newspapers in India can produce 3D or rose scented newspapers

print media circulation and advertising revenue both increased

in India, print media circulation and advertising revenue have been growing, and this growth trend will continue for some time due to the low penetration rate of Indian newspapers

compared with five years ago, newspapers and magazines now provide more creative space for people. With the improvement of production cycle and printing process, the interaction of newspapers and magazines has increased. In this way, print media has won the trust of more brands, and readers have gained more information and fun from it

in addition, the speed of innovation of the magazine is also very fast. After the high-profile launch of lonely planet magazine a year ago, Conde Nash decided to launch Traveler magazine. In addition to traditional women's and fashion magazines, other types of magazines have also attracted more readers' attention

at present, several well-known advertisers in India mainly include: Indian Stanley China company, National Bank of India, L'Oreal, pants retail, Indian subsidiary of Suzuki, Titan industries, Himalaya pharmaceutical company and Johnson & Johnson

small towns are the future growth point of Indian newspapers

small towns will become the main growth point of Indian newspapers, and any newspaper facing the Indian market will become the target of advertisers. In addition, the future of regional newspapers will become brighter. People prefer to read content related to themselves. With the rise of literacy rate in small cities, local newspaper consumption will also increase linearly

in terms of newspaper output value, Indian language newspapers have increased their print media business from 90billion rupees in 2004 to 180billion rupees in 2010, including advertising and distribution revenue of newspapers such as polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), polyimide (PI), polysulfone (PSF), polyether ketone (PEK), liquid crystal polymer (LCP)

according to insiders, Indian newspapers have achieved 120 billion rupees (about US $2.5 billion) in advertising revenue and 345million readers, while American newspapers have 1.2 trillion rupees (about US $26billion) in advertising revenue and 150million readers respectively

in the next five years, Indian magazines will achieve an increase of 4.8% to 5% in terms of their production range. Among them, the performance of niche magazines is more eye-catching. With the popularity of electronic devices in India, magazine publishers will provide more content in electronic format

magdoom Mohammed, chairman of the world press and Publishing Association of India (wan-ifra), said recently that in the face of today's technological development trend, the media regard increasing print advertising revenue as a lifesaving straw, which is only temporary. It is better to try to seize the market through new strategies

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