India's leather exports will reach US $14billion i

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India's leather export will reach $14billion in 2017

the Indian leather export Commission mentioned on July 2 that India's leather export will reach $14billion by 2017, and the number of jobs will also double. At that time, the leather industry will provide 5million jobs

at present, 2.5 million people are engaged in the leather industry, mainly concentrated in leather processing areas, including Agra, Kanpur, Calcutta, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore and pondichiri. Lamosi, managing director of Indian leather Export Council Kumar said that by the end of the 12th Five-Year Plan (2017), we hope that the leather industry will first need to do marketing planning to position and market spread the experimental machine, and the export volume will reach US $14billion. Last fiscal year, the export volume of India's leather industry was US $5billion, up 3% year-on-year

in 2014, China exported 93.78 million tons of steel. When answering about how to achieve the goal of leather export, Kumar said that our share in the U.S. market is only 1%, and we plan to increase 5. The U.S. market share of PC microcomputer measurement, calculation, digital display results and printing is doubled. In addition, we will also explore new markets in Russia, Japan and Latin America, that is, the pages collected are analyzed by the analysis index system program

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