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At present, there are 70 manufacturers of printing machinery and related equipment in India, of which 2 will flash at the moment of discharge, and 1 is a larger enterprise. The current output value of this industry is 2 billion rupees

India's products include monochrome and multicolor medium speed and simple operation sh EE tfed and non oxidation characteristics W eb fed offset printing machine, rotogravure printing machine, curved surface printing machine, rotogravure printing machine, simple/semi-automatic photosensitive film production, loading, binding and forming equipment. India also relies entirely on imports of pre printing equipment and automatic binding equipment

in 1998, India imported 147 million US dollars of mechanical products from China, accounting for 15% of the total imports from China. According to the statistics of India China Chamber of Commerce and industry, India is interested in the projects of mechanical and electrical products in China, including printing machinery

it is hoped that China's printing machine industry, in the spirit of vigorously developing the export of mechanical and electrical products, will make more efforts in product quality and market decision-making, and enter the Indian market as soon as possible

statement to reduce the impact of specific products on the environment:

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