India's printing industry is developing rapidly, a

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India's printing industry is developing rapidly, and China's printing industry is seeking change

Pira's latest research report shows that the global printing market will grow by 18% in 2011, among which the fastest-growing countries are developing/emerging countries. As a developing and emerging country, India's printing industry grew at a rate of 73%, while China ranked third with a growth rate of only 60%, and Russia ranked second. The rapid rise of India has posed a certain threat to China's printing industry, and China's printing deformation measurement range (mm) 0 ~ 200 is imperative

the slow growth rate of printing demand in the industrial field and the significant changes in printing technology and process will inevitably cause the shift of the focus of the printing industry from emerging regions. Therefore, when the economic development and environmental requirements of a country and a region reach a certain level, it will inevitably conflict with the printing industry. The main reason is that the printing industry is in an era of low profits, and the environment and policies increase the pressure on the printing industry, It will inevitably lead to the increase of the cost of printing enterprises, which forces the printing industry to transfer to countries and regions with less pressure, thus causing India to greatly accelerate its growth in the future. This also reflects the level of economic development in China

the shift of the focus of the printing industry in the future will have a certain impact on China's printing industry. The Chinese people's requirements for environmental protection and low energy consumption of printed matter will also promote the change of China's printing industry. Packaging printing has gradually become the key development market of the printing industry

it was learned at the 2010 World Packaging Conference held in Beijing that since the reform and opening up, the total scale of China's packaging industry has ranked among the world's major packaging countries, with a total output value of 1trillion yuan. The complete range of packaging products has become a system, which can meet the needs of the growing export trade and multi-level domestic demand market. In this year, China's packaging industry will have further development. The huge packaging market has brought great business opportunities to the printing industry

at the 2010 Beijing International Packaging Expo, which has ended, a large-scale exhibition on packaging projects was held for the first time, and exhibitors have achieved good results. At the packaging Expo, Mr. Cen Han, CEO of gaobao Greater China, introduced to us: this exhibition was beyond our expectation, much better than we expected, and the average daily orders were more than those of China printing. The development speed of the packaging and printing industry is much faster than that of the traditional printing industry. When people go to shopping malls for consumption, the first contact, especially the consumer electronics market, is the packaging of goods, not goods. Packaging is a means of promotion and anti-counterfeiting. In China, as consumers have higher and higher requirements for the transparency of commodity information, they also have higher and higher requirements for the packaging of commodities. Consumers do not allow businesses to cheat on packaging. They require businesses to protect it and strictly control the packaging quality. The packaging industry is linked to economic development. If the economic development rate is 10%, then packaging will be improved on this basis

it seems that the quality of the packaging and printing industry is not good, so there are countless business opportunities in it. It is a huge cake, which needs powerful and technological enterprises to develop and expand. In terms of the current development mode of China's packaging and printing industry, there are still some problems in China's packaging and printing enterprises, which need us to actively improve to meet the development of the industry in the future

first, the development of printing makes export enterprises feel more and more pressure. Brush technology

it is an existing fact that the printing technology of China's printing enterprises is relatively backward. Some enterprises still stay in the production process based on manual operation, and the degree of mechanization and process is low. This leads to low production efficiency in the printing industry and a serious waste of consumables. In China, the mainstream single sheet printing machine can reach the speed of 12000 sheets/hour, but in actual operation, the printing machine often has to stop for various reasons, which creates a waste of time

second, implement energy conservation and emission reduction

the notice on further strengthening work to ensure the realization of the energy conservation and emission reduction goals of the Eleventh Five Year Plan issued by the State Council on May 4 proposed that energy conservation and emission reduction should be taken as an important starting point for adjusting the economic structure and transforming the development mode

energy conservation and emission reduction has become a trend of future development. As an industry with high pollution and high energy consumption, the printing industry is facing huge reform pressure, which requires printing enterprises to plan for this

third, improve innovation ability

compared with the world, the biggest weakness of China's printing industry should be its ability to self innovate. Many times, China has been in the role of imitation and following. The introduction of foreign technology, but few independent innovation. This also highlights the relative shortage of senior talents in our printing industry. There are many practitioners, but few people can do it deeply and thoroughly. In addition, the current social atmosphere is impetuous, and more people pursue practical interests without going to the bottom

in the future, the packaging industry will have a rapid development, which brings business opportunities to the printing industry. As a printing enterprise, we need to truly grasp this business opportunity, make China's printing industry bigger and stronger, and make China change from a large printing country to a powerful printing country

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