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During the visit of the party and government delegation of Zhongba County, Tibet, Baosteel said that it would continue to do a good job in assisting Tibet. A few days ago, Liu Guosheng, vice chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of the group company, warmly received the party and government delegation of Zhongba County, Tibet led by dobra, deputy secretary of the county Party committee and head of the county, at Baosteel building. The two sides had a discussion and exchange. Liu Guosheng said that we should continue to do a good job in assisting Tibet

Baosteel is one of the backbone enterprises of the central government to assist Tibet. Over the past nine years, Baosteel has successively sent eight outstanding comrades to Zhongba County, Xigaze Prefecture, Tibet in four batches to carry out counterpart support work. The first three batches have invested 103million yuan in assistance to Tibet. The assistance involves 54 projects such as urban construction, agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry and water, industrial development, culture, education and health, ecological environment and new rural construction, and a large number of projects and demonstration projects benefiting the people have been completed. These projects have effectively promoted the economic and social development of Zhongba County into the fast lane

In June last year, Li Jingchun and Qu Jun, the fourth batch of Baosteel cadres assisting Tibet, came to work in Tibet. For more than a year, they have always kept in mind the mission of aiding Tibet and formulated the fourth batch of project plans for aiding Tibet in accordance with the requirements of "giving priority to grassroots and agricultural and pastoral areas in aiding Tibet". Through the implementation of Zhongba kindergarten, Baosteel Avenue, Baosteel Hotel and commercial housing, municipal Wei Fourth Road and other projects, the infrastructure conditions of Zhongba county have been improved, and the production and living standards of farmers and herdsmen have been improved

During the discussion, dobra introduced the basic situation of Zhongba County, the development ideas of the 12th Five Year Plan and the work of Baosteel's cadres in Tibet. On behalf of the people of all ethnic groups in the county, he sincerely thanked Baosteel for its long-term care, support and selfless assistance to Zhongba county. He hoped that Baosteel would always care about the training and growth of Tibetan aid cadres, pay attention to the training and use of Tibetan aid cadres, and build a broad stage for Tibetan aid cadres to further play their role

Liu Guosheng thanked the Zhongba county Party committee and government for their care and love for Baosteel's cadres assisting Tibet. He said that Baosteel attached great importance to the work of aiding Tibet, and achieved overall planning, annual arrangement and item by item implementation; The company regards the work of aiding Tibet as a platform for training and tempering cadres; Through multi-channel publicity, more Baosteel people learned about 1. Main specifications: 150kn Tibet and Zhongba. He demanded that Baosteel's Tibet assistance project should be combined with the development plan of Zhongba County, and continue to do a good job in Tibet assistance in accordance with the requirements of the central government; Cadres assisting Tibet should carry forward the fine style of "not afraid of hardship, lack of oxygen, and pursue higher altitude", experience life, give full play to their talents, and do everything possible to make plans for farmers and herdsmen to increase their income and become rich, so as to make contributions to the work of assisting Tibet to a new level, the Ministry of industry and information technology said

if the sealing gasket is broken, the relevant principals of the leading group for steel assistance to Tibet, the contact group for Baosteel assistance to Tibet, and some cadres for assistance to Tibet participated in the discussion

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