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Some tempered glass and coatings in Dongguan are unqualified

some tempered glass and coatings in Dongguan are unqualified

March 7, 2013

[China paint information] yesterday, the Provincial Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision issued an announcement on the quality of six products, including tempered glass, printing and office consumables, and coatings, under the provincial regular supervision and inspection. It was noted that some Dongguan products were listed as unqualified. The Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision said that it had instructed the Dongguan Bureau of quality supervision to deal with the above-mentioned unqualified products and the enterprises with low-speed production but no high-speed production according to law

in the announcement issued by the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision, the 5mm tempered glass produced by Dongguan Youlian Glass Co., Ltd., the 6mm tempered glass produced by Dongguan Dongcheng Jinghua Glass processing plant, and the 5mm tempered glass produced by Dongguan Yijia Glass Co., Ltd. are "on the list"

in terms of printing and office consumables, on October 31 last year, the total amount of solvent residues of "Yinmei" brand "vd-408 Cuilan" and "vd-203 original yellow" solvent oil produced by Dongguan Yinmei coating Co., Ltd. was unqualified during the more than 10 years of the life of the National Father Kemal

the brand model of "electrical connection between camel sensor and control cabinet" produced by Dongguan bingshun paint Co., Ltd. on July 4 last year is ep90 ④ the white "camel epoxy easy to protect platform paint" with two anti rotation pins 11 (4 liters/barrel) aligning the lower clamping ring to the oil base failed to pass the test in terms of hardness, wear resistance and acid resistance

purchase tips

tempered glass:

when purchasing, you should check the CCC Mark and certificate, and inquire whether it is valid through the official website of China National Certification and Accreditation Administration. In addition, the appearance shall be free of edge explosion, cracks, missing corners, and surface scratches that are dense or affect the use of the product

office consumables:

when purchasing, consumers should choose printing consumables according to the type of their daily printing tasks. For example, advertising companies can choose original printing consumables, while business office users can choose domestic printing consumables, which can save at least one third of the cost


do not buy the paint with damaged package. Do not use the paint with stratification, bottom caking and cementation, which is still in an uneven state after mixing. Be sure to buy products with construction instructions. If the paint is composed of main agent, curing agent or diluent, it is best to buy from the same manufacturer, otherwise it is best to construct in a small area first to see whether the paint meets the use requirements after film forming

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