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With the acceleration of the process of world economic globalization, it has become a trend for developed countries to transfer the production of mechanical parts to China, and China is gradually becoming the world manufacturing center. Due to the quality and scale of production, domestic host enterprises also have higher requirements for parts and downstream supporting capacity. At present, there is still a big gap between the quality of mechanical and electrical products in China and the world advanced level, one of the important constraints is the low quality of parts. At present, some domestic parts manufacturing enterprises are relatively small in scale and backward in technology. They need to adapt to market changes as soon as possible and improve their supporting level and product competitiveness

to this end, China Machinery Industry Federation and China Federation of logistics and purchasing will jointly host the 2006 China International machinery industry supporting and parts exhibition in Beijing from September 5 to 7 this year. The purpose of this exhibition is to build a high-quality, multi-directional and efficient information platform between domestic and foreign parts manufacturers and between parts manufacturers and host enterprises, so as to fully communicate information through product exhibition, Promote the main engine factory and supporting factories to form a strategic alliance to jointly improve the product quality of mechanical accessories and enhance the market competitiveness of China's main engine enterprises

Lu Renqi, executive vice president of China Machinery Industry Federation, said that domestic and foreign parts manufacturers supporting metallurgy, mining, transportation, agricultural machinery, machine tools, petrochemicals, electric power, engineering machinery, military industry and other industries will participate in this exhibition. To improve our company's ability to provide preferential policies, we will strictly comply with the requirements of the safety and environmental protection quality battle of aluminum groups in China and deploy the development level of the country's equipment manufacturing industry, Further expanding international trade and cooperation in machinery and related industries will play a positive role

Lu Renqi pointed out that since most of the machinery supporting and parts enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises, and the current domestic machinery exhibitions are mainly professional exhibitions in the field of mainframe, machinery supporting and parts are always in a supporting role in these exhibitions, so the machinery supporting and parts enterprises often feel it is difficult to achieve the effect of exhibition. In this 2006 China International machinery industry supporting and parts exhibition, Machinery supporting and parts enterprises will become the protagonists

it is understood that the supporting procurement of host enterprises requires both high quality and low cost due to the wide variety and quantity. It is a. there is a short circuit in electromechanical windings; b. Electromechanical overload; c. It is a very heavy work for Electromechanical to enter the oil tank due to moisture. Through this form of exhibition, the supply and demand can meet directly, and the two sides can reduce the purchase and sales costs respectively, which is conducive to achieving win-win results. The comprehensive and supporting characteristics of the exhibition will also be very conducive to the procurement of host manufacturing enterprises

in order to improve the effectiveness of this exhibition, three meetings will be held at the same time of the exhibition: first, the 2006 annual meeting of supply ministers of key host enterprises in the machinery industry. The annual meeting has been held for many times, and every year, the procurement principals of more than 100 large machinery manufacturing enterprises participate, including BAIC Foton, Yituo, Yizhong, Erzhong, Taizhong, Shenkuang, Shantui, XCMG, beikai, Bawei, Beifang heavy industry, Jinan No.2 machine tool, John Deere and other large enterprises. 2、 On site procurement information conference. At present, the chambers of Commerce in Germany, Russia, Italy, India and other countries plan to organize business procurement delegations to the meeting to release procurement information. 3、 The exhibition will organize key equipment manufacturing enterprises to hold professional seminars on procurement and supply chain management, exchange scientific theories of modern logistics, and improve the management and logistics level of enterprises

professionals from multinational companies, foreign institutions in Beijing, wholly-owned companies, joint ventures, scientific research institutions and other professionals will be invited to visit, purchase and negotiate business

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