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All parties lobbied trump to carefully lift the steel and aluminum tariff war. American agricultural products are most afraid of lying on the gun

since Wednesday, when U.S. President trump opened his favorite fox channel, he can see an advertisement jointly launched by American steel, American manufacturing alliance and other organizations, urging him to abide by his commitment to restrict foreign steel imports

according to the procedure, trump needs to decide the final trade protection measures to be adopted for imported steel and aluminum products before April 11 and 19, but various sources show that trump may not wait until this time point to announce in advance, leaving little time for all parties to wrestle

in the "232 investigation" on the import of steel and aluminum products (according to Article 232 of the trade expansion act of 1962, a case is filed to investigate whether the import of specific products threatens the national security of the United States), the affected countries are stepping up their lobbying to the trump government and hope to become relevant specific operations. Let's have a look: tax exemption objects; The Republican Party, which is more inclined to free trade, has also increased the pressure on the trump administration; The United States agricultural organization also released a timely report that in each trade conflict, the last casualty was U.S. agricultural products

but Trump's attitude is still very firm. In a meeting with 39 governors this week, he said, "I hope to bring the steel industry back to our country. If this requires tariffs, let's use tariffs. How about it?"

"maybe it will cost a little more money, but we will get jobs for it. Then use tariffs. I also want aluminum to return to our country." Trump said

many countries lobbied the trump administration

recently, the US Department of Commerce released two "232 survey" reports. The two reports investigated whether imported steel and aluminum products damaged the national security of the United States. The investigation found that the import of steel and aluminum products was detrimental to the national security of the United States. Based on this result, the report made three suggestions on the import of steel and aluminum products. In short, these trade protection proposals are divided into two types: tariffs and quotas for the world and tariffs and quotas for specific countries

at present, trump has expressed his view: he hopes to impose a global tax on imported steel and aluminum products, that is, a 24% tariff on steel imported from all economies and a 10% tariff on aluminum imported from all economies, which is even nearly 2.3 percentage points higher than the proposal of the U.S. Department of Commerce

At the same time, many Republicans in the US Senate and house of representatives have recently expressed their positions and advised the trump administration to be cautious when imposing heavy taxes on imported steel

orrinhatch, chairman of the US Senate Finance Committee, said that it should be noted that these tariffs are not paid by foreigners. "Tariffs are paid by American businesses and American families, and the new tax will destroy many opportunities created by our tax reform."

take a proposal of the U.S. Department of Commerce on steel as an example. This proposal imposes a tariff of at least 24% on steel imported from all economies, which means a new tariff of about $7billion, and American Importers pay the bill

as a representative of American steel importers, the American International Iron and Steel Association sent a message to all members on Tuesday, calling on "call your senators and representatives as soon as possible, let them contact the White House, and urge the white house not to take new measures against imported steel, which will kill employment"

on the other hand, the countries affected by the "232 survey to further promote the demand growth of extruded equipment" have also increased their lobbying efforts for the trump government

according to the survey results of the U.S. Department of Commerce, from January to November 2017, the six largest economies exporting steel to the United States were Canada, Brazil, South Korea and THF, followed by Mexico, Turkey and Japan, the largest downstream of BDO

at present, Brazil, which ranks second in exports to the United States, sent its trade minister marcosjorge to Washington to meet US Secretary of Commerce Ross

in the trade measures proposal of the U.S. Department of Commerce, there is an option that "tariffs of at least 53% can be levied on 12 major U.S. steel exporting economies, including Brazil". When Jorge met rose this time, he asked Rose Why do you know much about the pressure shear testing machine in Brazil? Now let's introduce the selection skills and key points of 1 press shear experimental machine, and the claim that it needs to be exempted

the proposition of Brazil lies in the product structure: Brazil does not form a competitive relationship with the steel industry in the United States, but a complementary relationship. Among them, 80% of Brazil's steel products exported to the United States are semi-finished steel products, and the purchase object is the downstream steel producers of the United States, which need these semi-finished products to complete the process flow

at the same time, Brazil is also the second largest importer of American coal, and the main purpose of Brazil importing American coal is to produce the above-mentioned semi-finished steel products

according to Leya, President of the Brazilian iron and Steel Association, rose has a high acceptance of the above views and promised to convey the above views to trump

Leia also said that what most people are talking about at present is that trump is afraid to announce his decision in advance before the deadline of April 11

Mexico also sent economic minister Guajardo to visit Washington and meet with Ross. The focus of their meeting was on the possible harm to Mexico caused by the trade protection measures introduced by the "232 investigation"

On March 1, in response to the question "the U.S. government plans to impose high tariffs on China's steel and aluminum products to prevent China's unfair trade practices", Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said that the unreasonable and excessive use of trade relief measures by the United States will not only fail to achieve the "revitalization" of relevant industries in the United States, but will affect employment in the United States and damage the welfare of American consumers. China will take necessary measures to safeguard its legitimate rights and interests

as soon as the tariff comes out, American agriculture suffers.

relevant organizations in the manufacturing, agricultural and food industries in the United States sent a joint letter to trump this week, saying that if heavy taxes are imposed on steel and aluminum products, prices will soar, supplies will decrease, and other countries may retaliate

the American Free Trade farmers' Association released a report saying that if the trump government levies on the above products, American agricultural products will definitely "lie at the gun" in trade retaliation

"agriculture is usually the biggest target, even in trade disputes unrelated to agricultural products." The American Free Trade farmers' Association summarized a series of disputes between the United States and its trading partners in its report, among which American agricultural products are generally "lying on the gun"

for example, in the Mexican truck trade dispute from 1995 to 2001, the U.S. tariff sanctions led Mexico to impose 10% - 20% tariffs on dozens of American agricultural products

"our trading partners are not new to politics." Briankuehl, executive director of the American Free Trade farmers association, said in the report, "they know that targeting American agriculture (trade retaliation) has strong symbolism and sends political messages both inside and outside the United States."

recently, German media reported that if the United States really levies taxes on imported steel, the European Union also plans to tit for tat, aiming to impose tariffs on goods from Wisconsin and Kentucky, including Harley motorcycles and whisky

among them, the headquarters of Harley motorcycle is located in Wisconsin, the hometown of House Speaker Paul Ryan, and the main production area of Bourbon Whisky is located in Kentucky, where mitchmcconnell, the majority leader of the Senate, is located

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