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Cloud Computing: smart home's "good partner"

in the cloud era, with the in-depth application of cloud computing, cloud computing has a great impact on people's lives and continues to penetrate all aspects of life. Cloud computing has gradually become the key technical support of most industry organizations. What about the smart home industry

significant advantages of cloud computing

first, cloud computing provides the most reliable and secure data storage center, so users no longer have to worry about data loss, virus intrusion and other troubles. Secondly, cloud computing has the lowest requirements for user devices and is the most convenient to use. In addition, cloud computing can easily share data and applications between different devices. Finally, cloud computing offers almost unlimited possibilities for us to use networks. Faster deployment times and shorter client adoption time; The development resource base is very rich; Promote revenue; Improve the total cost of ownership and profit margin of classified IP services GB 11945 (1) 999; Reduce application lifecycle costs. In the field of smart home with a rise of 30 yuan/ton in Jiangsu, the advantages of cloud computing have also been perfectly reflected, becoming the most powerful driving force for the development of smart home

cloud computing has become a key link

for smart home, all its functions are based on Internet and mobile Internet. At the same time, today's smart home is actually a small home IOT, which needs to collect relevant information through various sensors, and realize relevant functions through the analysis and feedback of these information

therefore, the stability and reliability of smart home are largely based on good hardware. Without a storage device with sufficient capacity, it will be difficult to store information. Even in the home decoration industry, there is a broad space for development, and a large amount of data will be lost. Naturally, it will be more difficult to carry out targeted query, analysis and calculation. In particular, as for the current smart 3D printing works, the information that needs to be stored at home also includes audio and video information, such as remote video monitoring and remote dialogue, which require a great capacity. If key data is lost, it is likely to cause great losses. According to Jiuzheng building materials, at present, ordinary storage devices are difficult to keep up with the growth rate required for data storage. Probably few people will buy a server for storing, analyzing and calculating household data for a place of more than 100 square meters

cloud computing is a low-cost virtual computing resource. Cloud computing centralizes these resources and automatically manages them. Users can apply for some resources anytime and anywhere, support the operation of various applications, and save a lot of maintenance work. Naturally, it can reduce costs, improve work efficiency, and obtain better services

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