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You can also apply for subsidies for purchasing plant protection UAVs, with a maximum subsidy of 30000

agricultural subsidies are an important part of farmers' income. Because the profit of growing grain itself is not large, the state has carried out various agricultural subsidies in order to keep farmers from losing money in growing grain. When Jining Agricultural Machinery Bureau was a guest of the political style, we learned that this year, our city has added two new subsidized machines and tools

plant protection UAV, as its name suggests, is an unmanned aircraft used for agricultural and forestry plant protection operations. It can spray pesticides, seeds, powders, etc. through ground remote control or navigation flight control. Previously, artificial plant protection was not only time-consuming and costly, but also had certain safety risks. At the same time, it would also lead to excessive dosage and affect environmental protection

now, the use of unmanned aerial vehicle plant protection can effectively improve the operation efficiency and effect, reduce the cost investment, and also help environmental protection. Plant protection UAVs are not only "popular" among farmers, but also the government supports the promotion of UAV plant protection operations. Many places have introduced subsidy policies for the purchase of UAVs that are higher than the domestic GDP growth rate in the same period

"based on the subsidy pilot guidance of the Ministry of Finance and the Civil Aviation Administration of China, the plant protection unmanned aerial vehicle has changed the operating system of the experimental aircraft into the following aspects; it has been further refined and improved, and the subsidy requirements are relatively strict. It is subsidized according to a certain quota." Hou Xiuhua, chief of the science and education section of Jining Agricultural Machinery Bureau, said that according to the "implementation plan for the pilot work of Shandong Province's annual subsidy for the purchase of new agricultural machinery products and plant protection drones" issued in September this year, applying for the subsidy for the purchase of plant protection drones needs to meet certain conditions

the subsidy conditions for plant protection UAVs are: having a certain number of operators who have been trained by pilot product production enterprises or professional institutions and providing training certificates; There is a relatively sound system for the operation and management of plant protection UAVs, and provides systems such as in and out of the warehouse registration, special personnel custody, plant protection operation process, safe flight management, annual output control of 3.6 million tons of plastic packaging materials in China, and operation record statistics; Before applying for subsidies, the real name registration or nationality registration has been completed in accordance with the provisions on the registration management of civil unmanned aerial vehicles under the real name system, and the registration marks have been pasted on the machines and tools applying for subsidies; Property damage insurance and third party insurance have been insured, and the insurance policy has been provided, and the insurance period is not less than one year; The plant protection work volume of no less than 100 mu has been completed, and the work contract, work volume certificate and other relevant materials need to be provided; Provide other materials required by the county agricultural machinery department

"the subsidy for plant protection unmanned aerial vehicles is stricter, mainly for agricultural production and operation organizations, and no subsidy is given to individuals with small elastic modulus temporarily." The person in charge said that the subsidy for plant protection UAVs is applied first and then subsidized. The subsidy amount is: for multi rotor plant protection UAVs with a drug load greater than (including) 10 liters but less than 15 liters, the maximum subsidy is 10000 yuan per aircraft; for multi rotor plant protection UAVs with a drug load greater than (including) 15 liters, the maximum subsidy is 16000 yuan per aircraft; for single rotor plant protection UAVs with a drug load greater than (including) 10 liters, the maximum subsidy is 30000 yuan per aircraft

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