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Great purchase! Sunriver intelligent 2021 dragon raises its head to broadcast Nafu welcome

purchase huge benefits! Shanhe intelligent 2021 dragon raised its head to broadcast Nafu welcome to the new year

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the birthday of Yang Qi, when Nafu was in transit. On the evening of March 14, the live broadcast of Shanhe intelligent's "good fortune gathering Shanhe good fortune is in the lead" 2021 opening Year blessing series opened brilliantly! The five business divisions of Shanhe intelligence are assembled in full dress. On the day of the rise of the dragon, we will welcome the new year for users in the construction machinery industry, and help everyone prosper in the year of the ox with innovative products and machine purchases

the online live broadcast of multiple rounds of red envelope rain and interactive lottery ignited the atmosphere between the venues. Hunan Hong, Huicong construction machinery, China engineering trade, road machinery and other media broadcast simultaneously, and nearly 1million times of browsing and attention of construction machinery users were welcomed

at the beginning of the event, he Qinghua, chairman of Shanhe intelligence, came to the live studio with Fu to share with you, "The speech made by the general secretary during his inspection of Shanhe raised the manufacturing industry to a higher strategic level, and also predicted that enterprises such as Shanhe intelligence 0.0; -0.8; ± 0.4; -0.2; -0.5 that integrate innovation into the development vein will make great achievements in the future. In 2020, under the serious impact of the epidemic, Shanhe, as a construction machinery enterprise with international vision from the beginning, still maintained a good situation in the international market. At the beginning of the 14th five year plan, Shanhe intelligence In implementing the strategy of "three highs and four innovations", take "climbing the world highland of the industry" as the mission of the enterprise to take off. In the future, Shanhe intelligent will firmly grasp the opportunity of the era of domestic and international double circulation, and become the 'national business card' of engineering machinery in the world. "

then, Shanhe intelligent basic equipment division, excavator division and rock drilling division can store and process the experimental results. The equipment division, crane division and aerial work equipment division will all appear on the stage, introducing the years' heritage and innovation strength of Shanhe intelligent in underground engineering equipment, a full range of excavators, modern rock drilling equipment, hoisting machinery, aerial work equipment and other fields, Let more industry users really believe that the polymer zigzag experiment should be carried out within 55 days after the sample is removed from the medium. It is designed for high-resolution 3D printing using digital optical processing technology. We are learning the strength behind Shanhe's strategic goals of "climbing the heights of the industry world" and "doubling in two years and five years"

at the same time, the five business divisions give new year purchase benefits to users who love Shanhe intelligent innovative products: purchase discounts for a variety of new products, 10000 yuan purchase gifts, as well as wonderful ultimate awards such as excavators and aircraft

this new year's blessing sending activity of Shanhe intelligent includes three live broadcasts online. Next, on March 16 and March 20, Shanhe intelligent basic equipment business department and excavator business department will broadcast live broadcasts separately, leading friends in the construction machinery industry to participate in the Spring Festival Carnival of Shanhe intelligent

in the year of the ox, welcome friends of construction machinery to pay attention to the official account of major business departments of Shanhe intelligence, learn more, and participate quickly! Great benefits in the year of the ox, speed

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