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Buy Yuzhan's "ice age 4" limited edition movie tickets and give a limited gift

this summer vacation, APACER Yuzhan technology, a leading digital storage brand, will take you back to the era of prehistoric continental drift, and start a crazy adventure again with prehistoric animal superstars Manny, sloth sid, saber toothed tiger Diego, and squirrels squitt who can never catch acorns! With the release of "ice age 4 current continental drift", APACER Yuzhan launched a "record your adventure" promotional activity in 12 countries around the world. As long as you buy APACER "ice age 4 theme packaging products" during the event, you will have the opportunity to get "ice age 4" 3D movie tickets and limited film souvenirs, and participate in the wonderful adventures of prehistoric animals together

during the release of "ice age 4 continental drift" in the summer vacation, APACER Yuzhan Technology launched promotional activities at the same time. As long as you buy APACER Yuzhan's "ice age 4 theme packaging products" in July and August, you will have the opportunity to get 3D movie tickets and enjoy a number of limited gifts such as squirrel squitt earphone hole pendant and silver light environmental protection bag. "Ice age 4" big and small friends must not miss

apacer Yuzhan's "ice age 4 plate drift" film theme packaging products include a full range of flash drives, flash cards, desktops and pens, current Notepad memory and other products

[about APACER Yuzhan technology]

APACER Yuzhan technology spans memory modules, industrial SSDs and a private small enterprise to find vitality in the field of consumer digital products on the ruins of the plant. It is one of the global leading factories with the ability to integrate R & D, design, manufacturing and marketing. Since its establishment, it has not purchased more than 10 times as much as the Beijing Tianjin Intercity Railway, and has continuously pursued the development of various trustworthy innovative products and services in line with the brand spirit of "access the best (strive for perfection, share memory)". Yuzhan technology's customer base covers global dealers, equipment manufacturers and retail customers, and not only provides customers with high-efficiency, high stability,

and high-value memory and flash memory; It also provides consumers with innovative digital storage and peripheral products that can easily record, store and share digital data in their daily lives

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