The hottest pure benzene market is not optimistic,

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The pure benzene market is not optimistic, and transactions should be cautious

the overall negotiation intention of the domestic pure benzene market bottomed out at 6000 yuan/ton, and the market negotiation was depressed. On the other hand, traders obviously had certain expectations for the psychological level of 6000 yuan/ton, especially under the background of general losses in the market before. However, on the whole, there is an obvious lack of information in the market. In particular, the official spearhead of the price adjustment of petrochemical enterprises is directed at alternative funds such as hydrogenated benzene. It was learned from the meeting that the behavior of sources highlights the problem that the price strategy of petrochemical enterprises is divorced from reality. The market negotiation is mostly in yuan/ton, the low-end is reported to be in 5800 yuan/ton, and North China is in the low-end

on the whole, the market negotiation activities are basically carried out on the news side. Due to the improvement of crude oil during the Asian trading period, domestic styrene took the lead in stabilizing the price in yuan/ton by taking advantage of the parking and overhaul of major manufacturers. Although this has little support effect on pure benzene, on the whole, the market has the objective requirement of being eager to organize an effective rebound in the overall environment, but the price competition between petroleum benzene and alternative resources is still in the ascendant

in the future, regardless of the market voice, the current economic situation is not optimistic, the benzene market lacks bright spots, and the oil price is the leader in the decline of pure benzene. It is suggested that merchants should be cautious in trading, and bargain hunting can be involved

positive factors:

1. New devices are still the highlight of downstream demand, but the start-up time is delayed

2 create a new development model of openness, sharing and win-win. The international oil price and the external market have gradually rebounded. The mentality of domestic pure benzene merchants has stabilized, and the market has stopped falling and stabilized

negative factors:

1. Although crude oil has rebounded in the short term, and the range is not small, most businesses are not optimistic about the trend of crude oil, saying that after the sharp rise, there will be a sharp fall, and the possibility of crude oil falling below $70/barrel again in the later stage is great

2. The greater inventory pressure in the pure benzene market has continued, and some commodities have been forced to sell, which is obviously driven by many positive factors

3. The downstream demand is poor, most of which are used and purchased at any time, and the decline of market inventory is not large

4. Low price hydrogenated benzene does not have a great impact on current petroleum benzene

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