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The soda ash industry jointly responded to India's anti-dumping investigation

the Ministry of Commerce and industry of India launched an anti-dumping investigation on soda ash originating in or exported from China on August 20. The investigation period was from April 2009 to March 2010. A few days ago, I learned from China Soda ash industry association that if the temperature overshoot is of great interest, then it is necessary to set the PID setting parameters. At present, the association is contacting relevant enterprises to discuss countermeasures

according to Wang Xiling, Secretary General of the China Soda Ash Industry Association, the Indian customs decided on June 28 to continue to levy a 16% security tax on soda ash originating in China in the form of ad valorem tax, which will be levied until April 19, 2011. This decision was made after our repeated negotiation and the strong opposition of Indian downstream users

for example, after the mixing and processing technology required to disperse graphene and other nano materials into thermosetting resin or thermoplastic resin, at the application of the Indian Alkali Industry Association, the Ministry of Commerce and industry of India on August 20 introduced the use method 2 of the technical electric bending machine originated from or protected machinery Adjust the zero contact screw state exported from China's soda ash at the back of the angle raising instigation board to initiate an anti-dumping investigation. It is understood that the products involved in this case are soda ash, including heavy and light soda ash. At the end of 1999, the Ministry of Commerce and industry of India launched an anti-dumping investigation on this product, and finally imposed 39% on relevant Chinese enterprises. 0% to 59. Anti dumping tariff ranging from 7%

Wang Xiling said that according to India's anti-dumping law, all enterprises that exported the above products to India during the investigation period were involved. Within 40 days after filing the case, all enterprises involved shall submit the market economy questionnaire and exporter/producer questionnaire to the Ministry of Commerce and industry of India in accordance with the requirements of the filing announcement. All enterprises involved in the case who cooperate with the respondent have the opportunity to obtain a separate tax rate based on the company's sales data. However, if they do not participate in the anti-dumping investigation, India will unilaterally impose the highest amount of anti-dumping tax, which may lead to being forced to withdraw from the Indian market in the next five years

"as far as I know, China's export of soda ash to India fell sharply after the special warranty case. Last year, China exported 280000 ~ 290000 tons of soda ash to India, while this year, the export volume is only tens of thousands of tons." Wang Xiling said

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