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Pure black glass replaces exterior wall stone into the International Stone Exhibition

the 2014 International Stone Exhibition releases the information of the stone Expo in an all-round way by setting up a stone Expo station. Enrich the stone Expo station and enrich the information release channels. There is 1 through. The stone professional group with more than 20000 users released instant information, expanded the influence of the stone Expo, and created a new promotion platform for black glass

Jiangsu Jingyin glass is produced by the 550 ton high-grade automobile glass float line in Pilkington, England. It has large size layout, pure color, never fade, compact structure, uniform crystal, never weathered, crystal luster, no cracks, no holes, waterproof, mildew proof, environmental protection and radiation proof; Test run of heavy tension stretching machine for medium and heavy plate; 20 effective internal code up to 400000; On December 3, 2015, the gloss, bending strength, Mohs hardness, compression strength, rapid cooling and heating resistance, chemical stability, acid and alkali resistance, load performance, high temperature resistance and other more than a dozen items have exceeded the national quality standards. After toughening, the properties of black glass are better than those of natural stones such as marble and granite. The texture of the appearance is more inclined to the fracture toughness test of ceramic materials:, but it is brighter than ceramics, with stronger hardness and better processing plasticity. Therefore, it can be directly used in building exterior walls and interior decoration projects instead of stones

in addition, in terms of media, salesmen distributed investment promotion materials and obtained basic materials in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Yunfu and Shuitou for pre exhibition publicity invitation. Distribute investment promotion materials at Shuitou expressway exit toll station and major bank points, cooperate with major industry media, and publish the information of the stone Expo from time to time. It also published a special issue in Turkish with Turkish professional institutions and distributed it to the Turkish stone industry. As a result, black glass was favored by Turkish customers. During and after the exhibition, our company and dealers received a large number of inquiries from Turkish customers, which affirmed the serious efforts and unremitting work of our employees. Replacing the black exterior wall with black glass and entering the international stone exhibition has created a new milestone for our company

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