The hottest pure benzene in northwest Europe fell

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Pure benzene in northwest Europe fell at the opening

affected by the weakness of pure benzene in the United States, pure benzene in northwest Europe fell by at least $40/mt at the opening of this week compared with last Friday. The trading range in March is $1120 If oil leakage is found, 00/mt CIF Ara. The transactions in April were successively concluded at $1140/mt C PVC pipe if ara for building drainage and buried drainage and sewage and $1130/mt CIF Ara. After that, the customer's bid price was $1,, 120/mt CIF ARA, while the trader quoted $1,, 140/mt CIF Ara. It is said that there are also transactions at $1142/mt in the morning. Meanwhile, the effect of $10/mt in March was lower than that in April. At the close of trading, a trader bought the goods in March at the price of $1120/mt CIF Ara. In the United States, the price was weak. The investment price in April was 3) 75 cts/gal DDP Mississippi River, while the closing price on Friday was cts/gal FOB U.S. harbor

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