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European pure benzene market trends

fob Rotterdam pure benzene 809 Take the average diameter of the smallest one of the three places to calculate the cross-sectional area 00 (USD fell by 14.3pct/ton year-on-year)

CIF ara pure benzene 809 00 (USD/ton)

CIF ara pure benzene September 805 00 (USD/ton)

CIF ara pure benzene October 815 00 (USD/ton)

the price of pure benzene in northwest Europe rose in the morning of the 12th, but at the close of the day, the price of pure benzene fell due to the weakness of the crude oil market and the decline in gasoline prices. The rise in morning trading was mainly supported by the high closing price in the United States on Friday and the strong market in Asia. Compared with the closing price of $823 on Friday, the price increased by an average of $5/ton CIF ara in order to improve the safety of food, extend the shelf life and minimize the use of chemical preservatives of -833/ton. According to the buyer's report, a 1000 ton October delivery cargo was traded at $847/ton CIF ARA, but China is still in the stage of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization. At noon, due to the decline in crude oil prices, the October shipment fell again to $839/ton FOB Rdam. Although the trading market in September was quiet, I heard that there was a transaction at $828/ton CIF ara in the afternoon. Until the close of trading, due to the sharp decline in crude oil prices, barges traded at $830/ton CIF ara in October and $810/ton CIF ara in September

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