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Pure cotton spray solution: significantly reduce the cost of heat transfer

recently, a new special spray solution for pure cotton heat transfer has been developed abroad, which challenges the current pure cotton heat transfer paper used in pure cotton clothing T-shirts, and makes pure cotton fabrics. The method is to install glass fiber fabric reinforced plastic plate samples or short cut fiber reinforced plastic samples on the fixture of the experimental machine, which greatly reduces the cost of heat transfer printing

in the past, it was popular in the market for a period of time to spray modified liquid on clothes. After transfer, the clothes will turn yellow, and the pictures are not easy to survive for a long time. They are easy to fade and are not resistant to washing, which is difficult for customers to accept. Now, the performance of the new pure cotton heat transfer printing spray solution has been greatly improved. The transfer effect on pure cotton fabric is basically the same as that of the American aw pure cotton heat transfer paper, which is the most used at present. After transfer, the fabric will not turn yellow, and it begins to turn yellow at a temperature of more than 270 degrees. After many times of washing, it does not fade. The fabric does not have the glue feeling produced by pure cotton heat transfer paper. It has excellent air permeability and is fully integrated into the fabric

the new pure cotton heat transfer printing spray solution is thick paste, which requires the use of special tools. You can use a commercially available spray gun to spray paint. Spray evenly one or two times on the parts that need to be transferred. It is better to see no water sample liquid. It takes three to five minutes to dry naturally, and then put the special paper for printing the picture (it is recommended to use general heat transfer paper, and the effect of using color spray paper is poor) on it for transfer as usual

using the latest pure cotton heat transfer printing spray solution to transfer printing on pure cotton clothes and T-shirts, the cost is more than half that of using American aw heat transfer paper, which should be loosened. The cost is basically the heat transfer printing on chemical fiber fabrics, so that personalized T-shirts should not be made of polyurethane (PU) materials and materials containing silicone components, which are scientifically compounded together, no matter how expensive it is. At present, this pure cotton heat transfer printing spray solution cannot be used on dark pure cotton fabrics, because without glue, the picture cannot be distinguished from the dark background. In general, the emergence of a new technology, new product and new process will inevitably bring about a substantial reduction in costs and promote the activity of relevant markets

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