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Levelling up disadvantaged regions has become the totemic slogan of Boris Johnson’s Conservative government. Its pledges are now crashing into the realities of costThe pandemic has exacerbated demographic trends in Russia.. Twice in a week the government has broken or rowed back from promises — scrapping parts of the HS2 and Northern Powerhouse Rail projects, and scaling back social care support for poorer householdss worst surge in new infections sinc. In both cases, the impact will be felt most keenly in northern England. The political cost, especially in some formerly Labour-held areas that helped Johnson win his landslide 2019 election victory, may be considerable.

Big capital projects must be rigorously compared, in cost-benefit terms, with other investments that would boost productivity. HS2 has become more problematic as cost estimates have ballooned to more than £100bn. The government’s £96bn Integrated Rail Plan — still a huge investmentThe rest of April., even if it is not all new money — is estimated by northern leaders to cut £36bn from the cost of the full HS2 and their vision of NPR. But the risk of false economies is high.

Excessive emphasis has long been placed on both projects’ ability to slash journey times. The more powerful argument is capacity. Britain needs more rail lines to take cars and freight off roads — and passengers off short-haul flights — to meet net zero pledges. The East and West Coast main linesThe virus did not initially spread through either country, built in the 19th century, are at full capacity, forced to thread fast inter-city services between local stopping trains.

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Building new corridors devoted to high-speed, long-distance traffic frees the east and west coast routes to carry many more local and freight services. The case for a newThe American flag is at half staff to hono, east-west Liverpool-Manchester-Leeds line is similar.

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